18 years old



   Anatole's Interests
General Fashion, Vintage Dolls, Punk, Lolita
Music Pop-Punk, K-pop/C-pop, Indie/Alternative
Movies The Shining, Saw I & II, Midnight
Television The Arcane, Going Seventeen
Games Genshin Impact, Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts
Idols Mana-Sama, Kwon Soonyoung, Lee Taemin

   Anatole's Details
Status: Tired
Current Hobby: Digital Art
Sun Sign: Sagittarius
Moon Sign: Taraus
Rising Sign: Pisces

   About Me
♡ hello, thank you for checking out my site! ♡

☆ ( read below to learn more about me ! ) ☆

my name is Anatole, I'm an 18 year old artist based in Victoria, Australia. I'm fluent in English & Russian, and am currently studying Korean & Cantonese.

this blog will primarily be to document my art, interests and blog about recipies ! just use the tabs on the top of the blog in order to navigate your way around; if you encounter any issues, contact me on instagram @ Anyatowe , or @ Dirtyyemo !!

my main information is on the left-hand side, and you can access my social medias via the arrows below the sanrio buttoms, i've got twitter & insta

i hope you enjoy reading through this blog, most pieces of my code are frankenstien-ed & broken so sorry in advance :33 have fun !